The Buck Bag

The Buck Bag
The Buck Bag The Buck Bag The Buck Bag
Brand: Ogden's
Product Code: TBB-001
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The Buck Bag has been developed for those folk not wanting to use a traditional carcass tray.

  • Stalkers who are paying for accompanied outings often want to take a beast home so the Buck Bag is ideal for transporting deer in a car or 4x4 boot space & keeps the area clean.
  • The bag is leak proof to prevent blood spillage.
  • Contains insects such as ticks, keds etc - unlike carcass trays which allow nasties to roam free.
  • Bag size has been designed to accommodate small deer.
  • Allows descrete transport of carcass.
  • Heavy duty zip & carry handles.
  • Folds up to fit into a handy storage pack.
  • Easily washable.

The Buck Bag has NOT been designed as a Drag Bag or a Cool Bag.

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