Rifle Slips

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The Ogden's "QUICKSLIP" has been developed over a 12 month period with help and input ..
Quadlite Rifle Slips
Ogden's Quadlite Rifle Slips This high quality slip has been designed around the increasing u..
Night Vision Rifle Slip
Ogden's Night Vision Rifle Slip Designed for the "Night vision" scopes an..
Ultralite Rifle Slips
Ogden's Ultralite Rifle Slips This range will appeal to rifle and air gun users alike. Made f..
Tweed Special Edition Slip
'Harrogate' Tweed Special Edition Slip Here we have used a beautifull yorkshire tweed and..
Special Edition Cartridge Bag
'Harrogate' Tweed Special Edition Cartridge Bag Fully hinged lid 2" wide cotton..